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Do you see this girl. She is wonderful. Is very innocent and have her own first time with two boys. They first gave her a beer and after it started playing with her. First talking about spicy things next start touching her titties. Girl was really surprised but she allowed them to play with her. After one additional beer boys boys had been fucking her ass and tight and never used pussy. Wonderful scene of you people in very spicy action!

DickDorm – gay college website

One weeky ago has been started new paysite. This time it is not about streight people but about gays. I know that many of you don’t accepts this category, but If you don’t like it you don’t need to visit this page. It is for all of you who are bi or a gay. This site is builded from true content which has been posted by other people. Many of this young gays doing it for a money, becouse owner are paying for every published video. Inside you will find true content from US academics. I think that DickDorm has a chance to be number 1 in gay niche. If you like it I suggest to visit sample gallery which I have posted here.

College Rules – new site has been started

A few hours ago has been finally launched a new site about our favorite topic. It was been named CollegeRules. This is not really easy to tell whether it will be better or worse than other websites. All meringue depend on whether authors will update it often enough. Today’s standards seems essential to the cycle weekly. As regards the contents of this site, you can be sure that it is worth noting that all the films and photos are high quality. This is the result that the authors only buy the highest quality videos. Many amateur of college rules productions is often badly exposed. It makes problems when we would like to see any details. These are, however, as you know, after all the most important. What students find inside? Of course, not amused, and with no inhibitions. The girls simply love to do it with multiple guys at once … especially after a few glasses of vodka.

Playing with the camera

Sometimes students tend to be fun so pathetic that a lack of words. Girls sneak into the views as they have to take a shower. I understand that younger people may have such ideas, but people in this age …? The only excuse is probably an erotic context. When I have watched entire movie until I realized that from the very beginning it was a game. It consisted in the fact that it was the first girl to sneak a camera to record a video with their participation and then masurbating. However, girls use the video just to warm up their pussies, becouse real pleasure give them colleagues from next room. After this initial game comes at the time of elation. Then there’s erotic games, sharing partners, and other very good ideas on coexistence.

Valentine’s Day

In Indiana students really know how to be fun. Alcohol, dancing is obsolete. They are not only young, but modern, too. Girls on Valentine’s Day have a great idea. She agreed with the friend to hide in bed with a colleague next door. When he comes he does not believe his eyes. Chicks are half-naked. Only they’re wearing hot underwear, which acted on him. His penis gets big and starts to choose the girls. But they refrain him. First, make him a little show of his capabilities. He can not endure, because he wants them to fly. Only at the end they have their erotic moment. All three fucking together.

After match

I don’t know about you, but I love crazy young girls. These went on a football match. As shown in the attached picture you can see that they are playing very well. They can cheer their team. We must however admit that such a doping certainly can not do mind the players. The only question is whether or not stare and do not let the ball into the net. These girls after such a successful evening did not intend to stop there. They are going to visit her fellow – students. Are aimed at the memorable moments. Check how well entertained.

College party in Michigan

This two boys invited two girls outside from this dormitor. In is normal that from time to time people organizing party here. This two boys are really bored and thats why they decided for some entertaiment. They are calling for two girls from next door. They are happy to can see boys becouse from few days they are working so hard. It is nice to fuck some fresh meat. Yes, college boys are young and handsome and older girls always would like to fuck with them. They are a little shy but after few beers they are ready to have a play with boys. In beggings you will find only sucking actions but few moments later we have there huge orgy with partner changing. It seems that Michigan college is really hot. I highly recommend to downloa full movie from members area of DareDorm.


This sweet girl Brittney has been uploaded new hot content comming from party in college house in Pennsylvania. There are three girls and only one boy. I should to say that she is a lucky guy becouse he can fuck them all. I know that girls are bored by tons of books but why there is only one guy. Yes, I know, I am jealous… hehe. Those girls have very wet pussies becouse they didn’t have nothing inside from few weeks. Year of learning has been started and there is to much to learn. But they always find a little of time for relax and good entertaiment. It looks that girls like a little lesbian love, too. They are licking together and putting fingers into their pussies. I don’t have any choose like to recommend this Pennsylvania’s episode. It is not only very hard but very exciting, too.

Las Vegas and students parties


Today we are visiting Las Vegas. But we are no exploring casinos. I know that this city is associating only with hazard. But I would like to show you second side of this city. There is a college and of course place where students life. Of course I am talking about academician. It is not splitted in parts for girls and boys. They are living together. They know each other very well becouse they are always nearby. So when any party is organized here all mates from rooms are invited. After hours of leraning it is time for relax and good play. There are no enough time becouse weekend has only 2 days. Thats why they are no wasting time and start fucking together. To this post I have attached nice gallery with content comming from student hostel in Vegas. You are welcome to watch it.

Students from Georgia submitted tape


Personally I really enjoy watching good student porn. I think the most important in this kind of videos are young girls. They are just adult and every one girl is beautiful and has very shape and firm body. Just look on girl-students from Georgia. Every fresh chick you will always recognize by tits. If they are firm it means that girl is young. Girls from this episode are so fresh but most of them is not innocent. They had their first time long time ago. Now they would like to try smoething new. In college girls are not only lerning but mainly it is adventure of their life. In this place they are drinking first beer or smoking cigarettes and there is their first time group games.